DOE Laboratory Practicum

The practicum (research experience) is a unique opportunity for DOE CSGF fellows to work in a DOE laboratory with some of the most respected scientists in the world. This experience offers the fellows insight into how their scientific interests can translate to research areas important to the nation.

Working outside of their thesis studies, the fellows use the practicum as a time to learn new skills and expand their research capabilities.

The practicum takes place at a participating DOE research laboratory for at least one 12-week period.  The practicum is typically undertaken during the summer months, but may be completed at any time within the first two years of the fellowship.  An additional financial allowance is provided to cover extra expenses during this time.

Learn more about this experience by reading some of our fellows' practicum profiles.

Photo of part of one of DOE's Cray supercomputers
DOE laboratories host some of the world's fastest supercomputers

"We have a core of truly outstanding scientists. These national labs trained some of the outstanding scientists the country has today." — Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy (as he addressed DOE national laboratory staff on January 22, 2009 and pointed out the many Nobel Prize winners associated with these labs)